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BE Packaging is an independent manufacturer’s representative organization. We offer manufacturers an efficient and cost-effective way to sell their products. Manufacturers pay us a percentage of what we sell, as an alternative to direct selling in which the manufacturer must carry sales employees’ full costs, labor and expenses…regardless of sales level.

We currently represent twenty-seven different companies that manufacture flexible packaging products for your packaging and shipping needs. In addition, we can accommodate all of your commercial printing requirements.
When you deal with us, you are dealing direct with the manufacturer. Each item sold is shipped and invoiced by the manufacturer. There is no mark-up on the manufacturer’s price to you. BE Packaging is paid a flat commission on the sale after you have paid your invoice. As a result this is a win-win-win situation.

The manufacturer wins because their cost of the sale is less than if their direct sales force sold it. With BE Packaging, they do not pay for a salesman’s car, expenses, salary, bonus, commission, health care, worker’s compensation, etc. Plus, we only bring business to them that is the right fit for their equipment, and capabilities.

Our client wins because you get the benefit of our combined thirty –seven years of packaging experience, exemplary customer service, and extremely competitive prices. You win because we do the legwork by getting the right companies with the right equipment to bid on your job. When you place your order, you also get the benefit of the additional clout of all the business BE Packaging places with that manufacturer. In addition, you the client benefit from the quality control function we perform. BE Packaging can not afford to represent manufacturers that can not provide quality products in a timely manner. Since we are only paid when you are satisfied and have paid your invoice, we can only afford to work with companies that will perform at a level that will insure our commission is paid and will guarantee us the reorder. Manufactures that can not produce a quality product in a timely manner are quickly replaced.

Last but not least, BE Packaging wins because we get to represent several companies, in the same field, this results in the perfect marriage of vendor and customer. Direct salesmen may be forced to accept business that is not a good fit for their company. We have the luxury of being able to match vendor capabilities with customer’s needs, and requirements.
Everyone wins with this arrangement!

Please allow us to show you how we can save you money, solve your packaging problems, and make the whole process easier for you.